AIOP 10 Dollar Freedom Flyer

One of the AIOP marketing funnels I use is the $10 Freedom Flyer, which you may have seen advertised on social media and other places on the internet.  My AIOP business buddy Chris and I created this funnel and manage the 2 Facebook groups associated with it.  I’ll explain what it is and how easy it is for you to use it to advertise AIOP and earn commissions.

The Flyer presents AIOP to your prospect as a very low cost opportunity and a simple biz.


The Flyer marketing funnel consists of a done-for-you automated system to help you get signups into your All In One Profits business and help you to earn AIOP affiliate commissions in the easiest way possible.


We know that a lot of people are interested in getting into making money online or they’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to how to successfully make money online.


And then others are more experienced marketers and they just really want something that’s nice and easy and automated. So we’ve got that here with the 10 Dollar Freedom Flyer.


The complete funnel actually consists of:

    • a one-page online Flyer which links to a free PDF
    • a selection of lead capture pages
    • a series of pre-written emails
    • a Facebook opportunity group where your prospects will go
    • a second Facebook group for your members who sign up

Your prospect enters through your AIOP lead capture page, views the Flyer and clicks through to the PDF.  The PDF in turn links to the Facebook opportunity group, where we have an introductory video that explains the AIOP business to them.  Once they join, they are added by one of us admins to the training group.


All throughout, this funnel does all the “telling and selling” for you and even trains your new members for you so that they too can be up and running quickly with their AIOP business.


So the Flyer funnel is an easy turnkey autopilot system, from beginning to end.


AIOP 10 Dollar Freedom Flyer
A screenshot of my Flyer lead capture page.

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